We empower, educate and enhance your health and wellness. 


Whether it is coaching for fat loss, strength training, or a life-changing body transformation, KL Fitness Coaches will take you on an empowering journey to achieving optimal health, results and maximising the potential, even you didn’t know you had. 
KL Fitness operates a membership and coaching based studio in the heart of Barnoldswick, in addition to classes, personal group coaching and online coaching. 
KL Fitness is an experience that we believe entitles each one of their clients to having the ability to unlock and reach their lifelong dream of becoming a better version of themselves; through the use of sustainable, educational and enjoyable coaching
Our coaches are highly experienced in their respective fields of Fat Loss, Health, Strength, conditioning and life coaching.  


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Evaluate and Assess 

A detailed personal analysis, carried out by our industry specialists 

Set Goals 

Bespoke & tailored health, fitness and aesthetic targets 

Support and accountability 

Whatever it takes – getting you across the finish line is our priority 

Achieve and influence 

Reap the benefits of your work and dedication. There are no limits. Our influence will unlock the goals you didn't know you even had  


No fads, no quick fixes. Change for the better. Change for your whole life 


A detailed personal analysis, carried out by our industry specialists 

Set Goals 

Bespoke health, fitness and aesthetic targets 


Whatever it takes – getting you across the finish line is our priority 


Reap the benefits of your work and dedication. No limits 


No fads, no crashes. Change for better. Change for life 
“We're not here to take part, we're here to take over.” 
KL Fitness  


I've always enjoyed my fitness but getting back into it with a newborn is a hard task. My confidence and motivation was low but Kyle was brilliant. He gave me the push I needed to get started and adapted my coaching to fit around my new mummy role and obvious limitations. Kyle provided me with some great workouts to follow and during our weekly check-ins kept me motivated. 
Sam Rhodes (online) 
Kyle has really taken the time to understand my circumstances from both a health and lifestyle perspective. He has designed a programme tailored specifically to building strength in my back and gradually adapting this over a 9 month period to the point where we are now in the gym using weights and progressing nicely. All whilst working around a very hectic family and work life. 
Lisa Parker (online/1:1) 
Kyle made a plan taking into account all my strengths and weaknesses. In just 6 weeks of one session a week I feel and look so much fitter and leaner. The gym is not my natural environment but I have been extremely impressed with the way Kyle works and the results. Thank you. 
Rebecca E.J (1:1 client) 
My overall experience so far has been fantastic not only on a body changing aspect but a mental aspect too. Kyle really has been there for me 24/7 throughout this, not only as my coach but as someone to listen, to understand and help me with all ups and downs in everyday life. 
Rachael Sedman (1:1 client) 
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